Terms and Conditions

Your baggage is insured and covered up to and including a maximum of £1000 per bag in the event of any loss or damage to your luggage, this including the value of the bag/suitcase. Payment for service must have been done directly to Paddington Luggage storage  by making a booking online  or in-person (cash) or card payments in store. 

Your baggage must not contain jewellery, cash or similar valuables.

Please stay updated with the shops opening-hours as given to you after booking. Please return for pick-up in what is considered reasonable time to both collect and check any baggage before closing time of the shop.

  1. https://paddingtonluggagestorage.co.uk and its associated Website is owned and run by Paddington luggage storage.

189 Praed Street



W2 1RH 

E-mail: info@paddingtonluggagestorage.co.uk

Contact number: 0203 538 9500

  1. Trading via the Website

2.1 Paddington Luggage storage  provides luggage storage for tourists/travelers

  1. Using the Website

3.1 It is possible to book storage via the Website 24/7. Orders made outside the shop’s opening hours can only be used the following day once the shop has opened. The individual shop’s opening hours are listed on the Website and on our Google page.

3.2 The Website will periodically close due to updates and maintenance.

3.3 To reserve luggage storage, the customer must be over 18 years old and pay in cash or card in store.

3.4 The money is only deducted from the payment card once the luggage has been collected from the shop.

3.5 Payment information is not stored by Paddington Luggage Storage and cannot be read by Paddington Luggage Storage or the shop.

3.6 Payment information used when ordering cannot be changed while the luggage is stored. If the customer wishes to change the payment details, the customer needs to use any new payment details for any future payments from the Website.

3.8 The customer receives a receipt for each transaction made. Payment details are on the Website.

3.9 The estimated amount showed before any order is made, is based on the customers filled in information. The price deducted from any card payment will reflect the actual drop off time and pick up time. The price for this will be shown on the website.

  1. Which type of luggage

4.1 Paddington Luggage storage offers storage of all standard types of luggage. The Website states if the individual shop has limits to which type of luggage the shop can store.

4.2 Customers are permitted to drop off standard luggage for storage. The following types of luggage are not considered as standard:

4.2.1 Jewellery

4.2.2 Cash

4.2.3 Weapons

4.2.4 Valuable documents

4.2.5 Life-saving medicine

4.2.6 Explosive items and substances

4.2.7 Flammable fluids etc.

4.2.8 Live animals

4.2.9 Perishable goods; including food etc.

4.2.10 Narcotics

4.2.11 Items that are illegal to possess according to UK law.

4.2.12 Fragile items that are not suitable for storage with other luggage.

4.2.13 Items with significant sentimental value

4.2.14 Other items similar to those in pt. 4.2.1

4.3 Please be aware that the shop has the right to ask you to open your luggage to make sure that no forbidden belongings are stored in your luggage.

4.4 All valuable items must be placed in an area in the luggage that can be locked off by the customer.

4.5 Damage or loss of the items covered in pt. 4.2 or in accordance with pt. 4.3, are not covered by Paddingtonn luggage storage or the shop, and are therefore the customer’s own responsibility.

4.6 Paddington Luggage storage service and the shop have the right to refuse storing luggage that contains items listed in point 4.2.

4.7 Should paddington Luggage storage or the shop become aware that any luggage stored contains the items listed in pt. 4.2, depending on the nature of the item, they are entitled to destroy or remove the item, hand it over to the police or other authority, ensure suitable storage at the customer’s cost or in any other way take the necessary action for the relevant items.

4.8 Actions taken following pt. 4.6 shall be without any liability to Paddington Luggage storage or the shop and at the customer’s expense, in the event the action has led to costs for Paddington Luggage storage or the shop.

4.9 Luggage is insured and covered up to and including a maximum of £500 per bag and including the price of the bag itself.

  1. Risk of luggage

5.1 When the luggage has been dropped off at the shop and the customer has received an electronic receipt, the risk of damage to the luggage is held by the shop and Paddington Luggage storage see §7, para. 7.2.

5.2 Once the luggage has been collected from the shop and the customer has received a receipt for collection, the luggage is at the customer’s risk.

  1. Cancellation

6.1 The consumer law in UK applies to book via https://paddingtonluggagestorage.co.uk/

6.2 Ordering and storing luggage is covered by the consumer Act’s, where there is no right to cancel the purchase of luggage storage as the customer accepts that the right to cancel ceases once the service has been completed.

6.3 The customer can withdraw from a storage agreement by collecting the luggage before the agreed time. Should luggage be collected before the agreed time, the customer pays a corresponding price for the storage.

  1. Complaints, errors and deficiencies

7.1 The Purchase Act applies to all sales via the Website and in store.

7.2 Paddington luggage storage communicates the storage service between the customer and the individual shop.

7.2.1 The shop is responsible for any damage to the luggage, theft of or from the luggage or loss as a result of late delivery of the luggage as a result of neglect from the shop’s side.

7.2.2 Paddington luggage storage is responsible for any damage to the luggage, theft of or from the luggage or loss as a result of late delivery of the luggage, which is not the result of neglect from the shop’s side.

7.3 Upon collection of luggage from the shop, the customer is entitled to check for any visible signs of unauthorised access to the luggage during storage. If there are signs that the baggage has been accessed during storage, the customer must instantly complain to the shop, which then will inform paddington luggage storage service.

7.4 Complaints about the shop should not be made to paddington luggage storage.

7.5 Complaints are sent to Paddington Luggage storage  within a reasonable timeframe after the customer has discovered the fault.

7.6 Neither party is responsible for the other’s loss caused by force majeure. Force majeure is taken to mean (but not limited to):

7.6.1 breakdown in/lack of access to IT systems or damage to data in these systems, which can lead to the terms below, regardless of whether it is Paddington Luggage storage or an external supplier operating the systems,

7.6.2 failure of power supply or telecommunications, legislative or administrative acts, natural disasters, war, riot, civil commotion, sabotage, terrorism or vandalism (including computer viruses and hacking);

7.6.3 strikes, lockouts, boycotts or picketing, regardless of whether the conflict is directed at or initiated by the lessor himself or lessor organisation and regardless of the conflict reason, or

7.6.4 Other circumstances outside the Party’s or shop’s control

7.7 Parties’ freedom from responsibility, ref. pt. 7.6 does not apply if:

7.7.1 A party should have foreseen the conditions that caused the loss when the order for luggage storage was made, or could have avoided the reason for loss, or

7.7.2 legislation makes the party responsible for the conditions that led to the loss.

  1. Incorrect information

8.1 The individual shop is responsible for updating information about available capacity, opening hours etc. but reserves the right to make errors in this information.

8.2 If the customer discovers an error or incorrect information, the customer is encouraged to contact Paddington Luggage storage  or the relevant shop.

8.3 Paddington Luggage Storage  cannot be held responsible if the luggage ordered cannot be dropped off as ordered, but Paddington Luggage Storage will make all efforts and strive to refer to another Paddington Luggage Storage or the shop suited the needs from the customer.

8.4 The customer does not pay for such faults and reservation and payment information is deleted.

  1. Cookies and personal data

9.1 Paddington luggage storage Luggage uses cookies on its website. A cookie is a small text file stored in the customer’s browser in order to recognise the browser at the next visit. Paddington Luggage Storage uses such cookies on its Website.

9.2 Cookies are used to manage the customer’s settings, measure traffic on the website and target information and offers to the individual customer so only the most relevant information is shown.

9.3 To order luggage storage via the Website, the customer must provide information covered by the Personal Data Protection Act.

9.4 Paddington Luggage storage and shops register the customers information in accordance with the at all times applicable Personal Data Protection legislation.

9.5 By contacting info@paddingtonluggagestorage.co.uk customers can find out which data Paddington  Luggage Storage and the shops keeps from the customer. The customer can object to a registration under the applicable rules of the Personal Data Protection Act.

9.6 For further information about cookies and personal data, see our privacy policy provided on the website.

  1. Choice of law, complaints and venue

10.1 Purchase of storage of luggage via the Website is covered by UK law.

10.2 Complaints about Paddington Luggage Storage  and/or shops should be addressed to Consumer Complaints.

10.3 Any dispute that cannot be solved normally shall be decided in the UK courts.